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Food Safety Fundamentals _ HACCP1

Last updated 20 May 2024

Learning Objectives of this training are,

  • Why to be a Safe Food Handler? 
  • Food Borne Illnesses or Food Contamination
  • Nature of Contaminants or Hazards
  • Food Safety Fundamentals or Pre-requisites
  • Linking Food Safety Pre-requisites to HACCP
  • Prevention of Cross Contamination or Control of Adulterants
  • Control of Allergens or Operational Pre-requisites 
  • Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP)

When does the training start and finish?

This training is completely self-paced, so you can begin at any time and set your own pace. Training duration is 30 days from signup/assigned date.

 How do I access the course?

On purchase, or if company enrols you in a training, you will receive an email invitation to signup on the portal. Upon login you can access assigned/purchased trainings from "My Courses/Trainings" tab. You can access the trainings from any device with a live Internet connection. The training will work on a desktop, laptop, tablet, and smartphone.

What are the advantages of taking trainings online?

Online trainings provide unparalleled convenience and flexibility. You can take the training anytime and anywhere; on any device you own.

How do I ask questions?

You can email your instructor directly at training@foodvisioninc.com or utilize the training discussion board.

Language(s) in which the training is offered?

Currently trainings are offered in English language only.

In which format training is offered?

Training is in audio visual format. You need to watch all the videos. 

What are the required language skills, literacy skills, and any other pre-requisites?

Trainee must have basic understandings of English language. Trainee must have a computer/mobile/tablet along with stable internet connection to attempt the training. Trainee must be familiar with basic use of computer.

What are the requirements to complete/qualify this training?

Conceptual understanding from video lectures will be examined by an exam (where applicable) (multiple choice, true/false etc). You need to watch all the videos to complete the course.

When will I get my test results? (if applicable)

Soft copy of test results (if applicable) will be emailed right after test submission. You can always access your current and previous results from your portal using your credentials.

Will I be awarded a completion certificate?

Course completion/qualification certificates will be awarded to qualifying trainees right after course completion or exam submission through email. Trainees can download and print it later from their respective portals.

What is the Refund policy?

Full refund before the course is attempted, No refund will be processed if a candidate has started a course.

  • Basic Instructions

  • Food Safety Fundamentals _ HACCP 1 _ Overview

  • Module 0 – Introduction – Why to be a Safe Food Handler?

  • Module F1 - Foodborne Illness/ Food Contamination/ Cross Con...

  • Module F2 – Food Safety Fundamentals / Pre-Requisites Progra...

  • Module 1 – Premises/ Facility Plant and Ground

  • Module 2 – Supplier Approval and Compliance

  • Module 3 – Transportation and Storage

  • Module 4 – Facility Equipment and Utensils Control

  • Module 5 – Cleaning and Sanitation Management, Sanitary Oper...
  • Module 5 - 1 _ Sanitation
  • Module 5 - 2 _ Pest Prevention & Waste Management

  • Module 6 – Traceability and Recall Systems

  • Module 7 – Operational Pre-requisites / Products, and Proces...

  • Module 8 – Allergen Management

  • Module 9 – Food Hygiene Program/ Employee Good Hygiene Pract...

  • Module 10– Personnel Development - Training and Education

  • Module 11 – HACCP – Hazards Analysis Critical Control Point





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